Welcome to the FAQs

We have pulled together some useful questions and answers about using OFF3R and the broader industry.
Please get in touch at hello@off3r.com if you have a question that isn’t answered below


  • Does it cost me to use OFF3R?

    OFF3R is entirely FREE to use. If you are an investor, OFF3R can be used to discover a variety of alternative finance platforms from across Europe. In order to keep the site free for users we get paid by our platform partners either by a Cost-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Application, or Cost-Per-Deposit.

  • How do I sign up / create an account?

    This can be done on mobile or via our website. If you are using the website, simply click on the “Register” button and complete the details that we require to sign you up as a user. If you would prefer to use your mobile, then you can begin by downloading the OFF3R application from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Once the application has launched you will be greeted with an option to register on OFF3R.

  • Can I use OFF3R without registering?

    There are elements of the website that you can browse and view without the need to register. This includes our investment guides, information about our partner platforms and our platform comparison tools. However, you will need to register in order to view the full details of the investment opportunities. It should take less than a minute and you have full control over how regularly OFF3R get in touch with you.

  • Can I use my log in details on the mobile app if I have registered on the website?

    Yes, absolutely. OFF3R is fully integrated meaning that you can log in with one account and any of your actions on the website will be represented on your version of the mobile app as well. This means that you can follow investment opportunities on the move and perform more thorough due diligence once you are at your desk.

  • How risky are the deals on OFF3R and what controls are there to ensure quality?

    Investing in early stage businesses carries a high level of risk. We are selective in the platforms we’ll show deals from, opting for those who have satisfied the FCA that their processes and governance are appropriate for a retail investor audience. In other territories we require our platform partners to be compliant with local regulation in respect of making financial promotions.

  • I forgot my log in details or password. What should I do?

    Follow the steps once you have selected the Forgotten Password option on the website or mobile app.

  • I registered with the original version of OFF3R with social media. How do I sign in to OFF3R now?

    You will need to use your email address and password that you use for that social media account or failing that you can create a new account with an email address of your choosing.

  • How can I partner with OFF3R?

    Get in touch with us at hello@off3r.com


  • How can I keep track of investment opportunities that I am interested in?

    It is simple really, all you need to do is “follow” the investment opportunity by clicking on the star / follow button on the investment opportunity on the website or swipe an investment opportunity right from within the mobile app. This will move any investment opportunities that you are following in to your personalized “following” channel.

  • What investment opportunities are displayed on OFF3R?

    OFF3R is the marketplace for alternative investments. So what do we actually mean by alternative investments... Alternative investments include a broad range of opportunities and within OFF3R we have segmented these in to channels. Each channel is colour coded. The primary investment channels are;

    • Equity crowdfunding…. Where you invest in start-up or small to medium sized businesses.
    • Peer to peer lending…. Where you lend lend money to small businesses and individuals.
    • Property crowdfunding…. Where you invest in the property market alongside other investors.

    There are other investment channels planned for the future. We also offer investment networks the opportunity to have a private area of OFF3R to distribute their investment opportunities exclusively to their investors.

  • Can I use OFF3R without registering?

    There are elements of the website that you can browse and view without the need to register. This includes our investment guides, information about our partner platforms and our platform comparison tools. However, you will need to register in order to view the full details of the investment opportunities. It should take less than a minute and you have full control over how regularly OFF3R get in touch with you.

  • Can OFF3R help me to distribute investment opportunities to a private network of investors?

    Yes, absolutely. We have built our technology to allow private investor networks or other groups to distribute and manage investment opportunities to a closed group of investors. Access to and content within these private channels is managed via an easy to use administration dashboard that we can set up for you. Please contact hello@off3r.com if you are interested in finding out more.

  • Do I need to have an account on all of the alternative investment platforms in order to view deals on OFF3R?

    You do not need an account on each platform in order to use OFF3R, however, you will need to create an account on the respective platform should you wish to invest in any of the investment opportunities on display.

  • How long will the investment opportunities be displayed on OFF3R for?

    It really depends on the investment opportunity and what type of asset class it is:

    • Equity crowdfunding campaigns tend to run for 30 to 60 days. During this time the investment information will be updated on OFF3R as the campaign progresses. Once the campaign is complete then the investment opportunity will be removed from OFF3R. If you have followed this opportunity when it was live, then you will be able to see the details of the opportunity within your “following” channel of the website and mobile app.
    • Peer to peer lending products are slightly different as often platforms will have a specific packaged investment opportunity. In this case the opportunities will be displayed for a far longer amount of time.
    • Property crowdfunding opportunities will vary depending on whether it is specific equity investment in a property or whether it is more similar to a packaged peer to peer product that is secured on property.

    We work with all of our partners to make sure that the information on OFF3R is as up to date as possible. Furthermore, we will indicate how long is left for a specific campaign if a platform has set this as an option.

  • How do I invest in an investment opportunity that I find on OFF3R?

    You will need to click on the investment opportunity you are interested in and then you will need to click on the “Go to Deal” button. This will take you to our partner platform’s site where you will need to register and subsequently invest.


  • Does OFF3R provide investment advice?
  • No, we provide no advice or recommendations on the investment opportunities listed on OFF3R. We simply present the investment opportunities that are listed on our partner platforms. Investors should perform due diligence on any possible investments and fully read and understand the full risk warning listed on OFF3R and subsequently on the platform’s website where the opportunity is listed.

  • How much risk is involved in the investment opportunities listed on OFF3R?

    Investments can decrease in value as well as increase and as a result your capital is at risk. Investing in early stage businesses (via equity crowdfunding or other means) carries a high level of risk and you will not receive a dividend from the investment. Furthermore, if the business fails there is a high chance that you will lose all of your investment.
    Lending to small businesses and individuals via peer to peer lending also carries a level of risk. A number of platforms operate a provision fund to protect investor’s money but P2P lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Consequently, your capital may be at risk if a borrower fails to repay a loan that you have had assigned to you.

  • How do OFF3R select which platforms they work with?

    We review all of our partners and first and foremost check that they are regulated by the FCA or the relevant regulatory body and have the permissions that align to their business activities. Following this we work with the platforms to assess how to display their investment opportunities in a fair, clear and not misleading way to align with FCA standard on financial promotions.


  • How do I receive updates about any investments made that I discovered through OFF3R?

    The platform that you have invested via will have specific policies and procedures for updating investors. Please read their terms and conditions fully before investing to understand these procedures.

  • How do I change the frequency of the notifications and alerts that I’m getting?

    Go to the Profile section of the website or mobile app and change the settings from within the menu found there.

  • How do I change my settings or update my details?

    Go to Profile and within this section you can manage all information and settings relating to your account.

Risk Warning: Your capital is at risk. The value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Please seek independent financial advice if you are unsure whether an investment is suitable for you. For more information, please see our full risk warning.

OFF3R is free to use but we may earn money if you go to, sign up with or invest via one of our partner platforms. The fees that we earn from these platforms in no way alters the order that these platforms are displayed within our site. The sorting and filtering features are determined by data points rather than opinion and we are committed to providing our users an unbiased and objective view of the investment industry. Please see our full terms and conditions for more information.