8.60% Gross
Projected Annualised Return*
£ 100
Min. investment
0 to 60 Months

Money&Co. Overview

Minimum Investment?£100 on the platform and £10 in an individual loan
Target Rate of Return?8.00% - 9.00% Gross Per Annum*
Fees?1% of the amount lent
Repayment Frequency?Amortizing loans – capital & interest repayments monthly; Interest only loans – interest monthly and one capital repayment at the end of the term of the loan
Term?1-5 years with repayment by the borrower at any time without penalties


Product Overview 

  1. Get Started

    Click on the Login or Register button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. Register

    Register your details, including bank account details, to transfer money for lending and for receiving interest and capital repayments.

  3. Browse Auctions

    Once you've been accepted (the law requires Money&Co. to check you are who you say you are) go to the loan auctions page and look at the businesses seeking funds.

  4. Make Bids

    Decide which borrowers you like and place a bid. You can bid to lend as little as £10 per loan until the auction closes. Prudent lenders will lend small amounts to several companies to spread risk.

  5. Get Returns

    After the auction closes and the borrower has drawn down the loan, monthly payments will start the following month.  Money&Co. collects payments from the borrower and distributes the amounts due to each lender. If the loan is an amortizing loan, lenders receive some capital and some interest each month.  If the loan is interest only, lenders receive interest payments monthly and one capital repayment at the end of the term of the loan.

*NB: Projected Annualised Return 

*This figure has been provided by the partner platform and not by OFF3R. It has been calculated as a projected annualised gross return. This means that the return figure reported over 12 months does not take in to account any platform fees or charges nor any tax that may need to be paid by the investor. We present an annualised figure regardless of term for comparison purposes only

Platform Risk Warning

Your capital is at risk if you lend to businesses. Lending is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For more information see our full risk warning.