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We work with over 30 investment platforms in the UK and Europe. This allows you to compare investment opportunities in a variety of different asset classes.
We integrate with investment platforms in the UK and Europe, providing you with a single access point to compare alternative finance investments. Investment product listed on OFF3R is sourced from some of the most trustworthy and established providers in the market.
We have a team with over 30 years of experience. We work with some of the leading figures in the investment community to provide our users with guides and insight to help them make informed investment decisions. Please if you would like to know more or if you would like to work with us.

We work with some of the most trusted names in modern investing

Risk Warning : Investing in or lending to early stage businesses involves a high level of risk, including illiquidity (inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value), lack of dividends, loss of capital and dilution risks and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each investor and may be subject to change in the future. Your capital is at risk.*Projected Annualised Return figures have been provided by the partner platform and not by OFF3R. The Net figures provided take in to account fees and expected losses whilst the Gross figures do not take in to account platform fees or expected losses. We present an annualised figure regardless of term for comparison purposes only.